ASEAN NCAP members collectively decide which car will be selected for testing. Principally, ASEAN NCAP will select the most basic safety equipment version (variant) of any car available in ASEAN market.

The selection of the test vehicles is also corresponded to the availability of the resources in the period of each test phase i.e. time of procurement, phase execution timing and financial condition.

The procedure of the selection is based on the following criteria:

  • The ASEAN NCAP Steering Committee will release the plan of crash test execution to its members.
  • The ASEAN NCAP Steering Committee may decide the theme for each phase e.g. “small car”, “family sedan”, “MPV/SUV”, etc.
  • The number of cars to be tested will depend on the financial strength and capacity of the crash lab, including cars through sponsorship (second phase onward).
  • To set a basis in the selection, the Steering Committee will principally rely on sales volume but may also consider any prevailing issues with regard to certain car model or safety equipment.
  • Usually only one model from a car manufacturer will be tested in each phase.