Kia Optima GT Never Been Tested by ASEAN NCAP

Kajang, 6 November 2017 – Recently, we have been receiving queries from the public regarding the status of Kia Optima whether it has ever been tested by the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries or ASEAN NCAP. This was based on a series of articles published by several mainstream newspapers and also a few online automotive news portals several months ago. The articles stated that the said model received 5-Star ASEAN NCAP safety rating.

We regret to inform that ASEAN NCAP has never assessed Kia Optima GT. The only Kia cars tested by ASEAN NCAP was Kia Picanto (for Thailand and Malaysian market) and Kia Morning (the model shares similar platform as Picanto but for Indonesian market). We urge the public to always check ASEAN NCAP website for the correct rating.

ASEAN NCAP will contact the Kia Headquarters to alert about the incorrect announcement in addition to obtain further explanation on this matter.

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