5-Star ASEAN NCAP Rating for Proton Persona

Kajang, 23 August 2016 – The New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN NCAP) released new crash test results for the latest model of Malaysia’s first national car maker, Proton, the Persona, a new sedan version of Proton Iriz. As the Persona is the sedan version of Iriz, with comparable occupant protection to the Iriz, ASEAN NCAP is extending the rating of Proton Iriz to the Persona. Such move was adopted as ASEAN NCAP feels the volume of the car is not yet available to justify the test. On Proton’s side, as the Persona is an enhancement of the Iriz, there is no reason for the car to perform the actual test. Nevertheless, once there is volume, ASEAN NCAP might consider crash testing the car.

In addition to the similarity in the car’s crashworthiness, the Persona also has similar features as the Iriz in which it is equipped with standard dual frontal airbag, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Seatbelt Reminder System (SBR) for both frontal occupants, and ISOFIX and top tether for child restraint system. Thus, in the Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) category, the Persona obtained 14.04 points, a score that places it in the 5-Star rating. The Persona also had a good score in the Child Occupant Protection (COP) assessment, with 82% compliance, it is in the 4-Star category.

ASEAN NCAP Chairman, Prof. Dr. Wong Shaw Voon said:

“As a leading car manufacturer in the country, the consumers look to Proton to produce cars that are not only handsomely designed but are equipped with practical safety features and have high demand on crashworthiness performance. With Proton Persona, Proton provides options for the consumers to choose, ranging from hatchback to sedan, without compromising any safety performance. Although the Persona is an extended rating, ASEAN NCAP had verified the results by examining the crash data from the development test by Proton at MIROS PC3 and comparing it with Iriz’s crash data. As such, all of the new Persona variances are awarded with 5-Star ASEAN NCAP. Congratulations to Proton for this achievement.”

ASEAN NCAP Secretary-General, Mr. Khairil Anwar Abu Kassim said:

“There have been tremendous improvements in the safety level of cars manufactured in Malaysia and also the ASEAN region in general, since the establishment of ASEAN NCAP. We can now see excellent safety levels have been incorporated among new locally produced cars. Proton Persona is one good of example of such cars. Hence, ASEAN NCAP would like to congratulate Proton for producing a 5-Star car and also to thank the Malaysian manufacturers for standardizing safety for vehicle consumers and not offering it as an option.”

The following are the details of Proton Persona results.

>>Proton Persona scored well in the AOP with 14.07 points that places the newly produced car model in the 5-Star category.

>>The Persona is equipped with standard ISOFIX and top tether in all its variants. It met 82% compliance in the COP category, which is in the 4-Star range.

>>The sedan comes as standard with dual frontal airbags and SBR for both frontal occupants.

Full result of Proton Persona is available here.

Download here for the full press release.